About Ken

This is the story of my ascension from code monkey to CTO in a company that will go public or be gobbled up in the next two to three years.

Some of what I’m writing about has happened, and some hasn’t yet– it’s all true, but there are limits to what I can write. My goal is to provide a play by play commentary on the entire process of climbing the ladder, doing the hard work, dealing with the crises, and eventually coming out on top. At the same time, I have to protect the identity of the people involved, and I have to limit the liability of the business itself.

That is why I am writing under a pseudonym. Even so, I am not naïve, so I have to assume that someone will find out who I really am, and expose me. I could also imagine someday wanting to reveal my identity on my own.

That is why I will be using a method of writing that I call “fictionalized context,” that’s actually common in literary nonfiction. It’s simple: I’ll place the truth of my writing into a fictional context that protects the innocent.

Who the hell I am

Some feedback I’ve received goes something like “Who the hell are you to give advice about anything?”

The point of this writing isn’t to be a guru speaking to disciples. The idea is to create an accurate record of my thoughts, feelings, motivations, and actions. What I write as advice, I stand behind, but I promise that my mind will change over time. That’s the whole point: what are the gritty, embarrassing details of how a person goes from here to there (whatever it may be)?

There are plenty of books from self aggrandizing gurus selling you the secrets of success. In the rare circumstance that they are actually successful, their work is fraught with bias. It can’t provide a real picture of the steps from where they began to the place where they stand today. I want to create a living autobiography that serves as an honest, step by step picture of my career path. I expect it to be somewhat naive, occasionally insightful, and extremely useful now and in the future, both personally and to those who read it. It is what it is, take from it what you will.

Go read, I’ll see you at the top!


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