Jesper the Frenetic Problem Solver

June 13, 2008

All the successful people I’ve met personally have a wild streak. They are attention deficit poster children.


Jesper is a case in point. This guy is full bore ahead 100% of the time. He speaks so quickly he trips over his own words 10 times before he gets them out. He has this bulldozer mentality that makes every path clear ahead of him. He told me the other day that a while back he wanted to lose some weight. His solution? “I just stopped eating,” he said, as if it were obvious. He didn’t stop to consider the long term health ramifications, or worry about his blood sugar, or whether his muscle was metabolizing before his fat.

He had fat, food makes fat, he stopped having food for a couple weeks, he stopped having fat.

A Leaf

It’s really not my style, but I think there’s something to Jesper’s mentality. I think he tends to be short-sighted because he’s not organized and he has no plan for the future (which is a big reason for my employment at Ideal), but he’s fantastic at breaking through that initial ceiling of possibility. He threw together a company that now brings in $40m+ in revenue per year, and now, from atop his seven figure throne, he can stop to worry about how to fix the path of destruction he’s left. It’s the opposite of over thinking.

Over thinking is my vice, and the vice of many people who want to be successful. Instead of bulldozing through the issues as they come like Jesper does, I sit around worrying that I might run into some and planning for that eventuality.

Open Book

Maybe I need to use my self-discipline to simply bust through the first barrier — the barrier of all these systems that I need but don’t have, the barrier of getting a working model of Emerald out the door before people get antsy. Does that mean working more? Working smarter? Being more pushy? Maybe I shouldn’t worry about it.

PS. Sorry for the delay in posting this week, I lost my rhythm, over thought the problem, then eventually bulldozed it by writing a whole bunch!


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