Pressure to Perform Miracles

June 2, 2008

As I discussed previously, Ideal needs a complete overhaul of its technology systems. There is an unintended consequence of making everyone believe I’m solving only their individual problem, as I explained in Technical Bankruptcy post. It is that they all conceive of my project and the effort involved with it in terms of only the portion they are interested in. They expect Emerald to be complete in the time it would take just a permissions system to be done, or just a visual overhaul to be done.


The reality is that before any of those individual pieces could be built, I had to design and document an underlying architecture that would support Ideal’s needs for years to come. I am doing the work of several architects and I’m doing it in a fraction of the time it should be taking. Although I am confident in the quality of the system I am building, I am personally nervous that I’m overlooking something, because it feels an awfully lot like I’m working a miracle.

I need to set the expectation in the organization that this is a medium (not short) term project, and try to solicit the limited and supervised involvement of the developers I have right now in order to make this work.


One Response to “Pressure to Perform Miracles”

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