Self Branding

May 14, 2008

I was going to write an article about self branding, but as I gathered my thoughts and notes, I started to have vertigo as I gazed into the treacherous abyss of branding, marketing and related disciplines. I opted instead to create a whole new category to house what I think will be an ongoing series on the subject.

I began my timid and uninspired journey toward branding by fiddling with websites as a youngster. It developed into a minor career and a tremendously valuable hobby. As I forged further into the discipline of graphic design through the jungle of small business, a structure emerged. A deep architecture presented itself as I learned to understand how visual presentation, perception, psychology, and allied fields all contribute to this ecosystem we call Branding.

I think it’s far more useful and complex than most people realize or give it credit for being because it has been cloistered by popular perception into the same cage as smarmy salesmen and cut rate sign shops. It’s quite a profound concept that pulls together fundamental integrity, attention to detail, and verve. All the characteristics I’ve seen in successful people are taught by branding.

In the coming series I’ll point out these branding lessons specifically, and show you how you can use them to create your niche in the workplace and get ahead.


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