Lesson 6: The Real Niche

April 28, 2008

When things are right, they have a way of falling together. It looks effortless from the outside, but if you’ve followed the previous lessons up until now, you realize that careful soul searching, and planning all come before a person is prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to him.

There is an odd kind of symmetry that arises when you have a deeply felt motivation, and the steps along the way to your final goal all seem to point toward that goal, with an almost poetic integrity. Steps that are only incidentally related turn out to have a deeper value that propels you toward your destination.

I want to create products that help people in tangible ways with serious problems they have. I want to become wealthy while I learn how to do that, so I am not beholden to any outside investment to make my vision a reality. I am now involved with a company that will make me wealthy, introduce me to major players in an industry related to my ultimate goal, and teach me how to recreate an organization with all the pitfalls that go with that.

After my careful search, I discovered a company that I could add tremendous value to, and that could provide me with tremendous value as well. It provides everything I need currently in life, in this step in my journey to “the top,” and it will contribute in obvious ways to that ultimate destination.

Puzzle Piece

This is my real niche. It’s the compelling reality that allowed me to walk into a company that wasn’t explicitly asking for someone like me, and convince them to hire me at 50% more than they had planned to pay me. It wasn’t purely a matter of strategizing and playing psychological games, which you might think if you took any given one of these lessons out of context. It was a matter of bringing my knowledge and thoughtfulness to bear at exactly the right moment; a moment which I planned for and essentially created for myself by being vigilant and sensitive to the needs of the people around me.

Puzzle Piece

If a situation isn’t right for you, you won’t feel that symmetry, or motivation. You won’t feel that knot in your stomach that tells you everything is exactly as it should be. Look for that passion, look for that perfect set of circumstances into which you fit like a perfect little puzzle piece, both completing yourself and the whole picture at the same time.


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