Ok, Read This Blog Now

April 10, 2008

After my reflection on the dangers of blogging, I’ve been thinking about my next move. I will write in any case, but I have several options:

  1. Write privately until such a time that I actually achieve my goals, then compile my thoughts into a traditional book.
  2. Write publicly, and assume the risk of my employer finding out and firing me
  3. Tell my employer what I am doing, then write publicly

I think I need the pressure of an audience and public accountability to really keep up the pace and quality of my writing. On the other hand, total privacy would allow me unfettered access to my inner thoughts without regard for social niceties.


I believe my employer would be hesitant about my plan, but would allow it anyway. When I play that scenario out in my mind, however, I don’t see the benefit. If I tell my boss, and he gives me his blessing, then he is on the hook for any liability I create. If he knows what I was doing, and I screw up, then we both are in trouble. If he has plausible deniability, then it will still be his chore to clean up my mess, but his reputation and standing will not be tarnished at all: he’ll simply have to reprimand me or let me go.

Which is why I’ve settled on a hybrid approach. I will not tell my employer anything, because it isn’t in the company’s best interests to know. I don’t plan to do anything that could be damaging, but in case I do, and in case I am found out, they will be able to recover. I am in trouble either way, so it doesn’t affect me.

I will write as I have planned to, at the same time keeping a private annotation of particularly sensitive or easily identified information. This way I can get the benefit of total self-honesty, while balancing the need for liability control. Maybe those annotations will be useful in 10 or 20 years if I write a book summarizing these experiences.

Time will tell if this blog is a blessing or a curse. I feel good about it though, and I like to listen to myself.


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